Why rent with us

Miani Group presents itself as the sole representative for the owner of the property, guaranteeing the management and maintenance of the property with it’s staff.

With a ‘Boutique Villa’ formula, M.G. will manage the check-in and check-out phases with a 24/24 hour service, 7 days a week, constantly assisting customers with all the services offered by the Miani Group: 

  • personal chefs able to satisfy the most demanding palates and organize cooking lessons
  • physiotherapy sessions with the help of the most advanced equipment and highly qualified personnel
  • yoga also in the villa
  • massages also in the villa
  • truffle hunting in the reserve with specialized personnel
  • licensed private drivers
  • qualified babysitters
  • domestic workers
  • professional gardeners and maintenance workers for the swimming pool and external areas

Miani Group is also directly connected to the database of artistic and cultural events in each region, thus offering guests all programs promptly.

M.G. also organizes food and wine tours in the best locations in the area upon request.

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