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Turnkey Projects

The Miani Group builds or renovates properties for its customers even with the turnkey formula.

With the years of experience gained in the sector both at a national and international level allows today the Miani Group to satisfy even the most demanding customers by offering them a complete service, following every aspect related to the implementation of the project until it’s completion.

Home staging

The home staging service offered allows you to optimize the value of your property that you intend to sell or rent. We have furnishings and accessories in our warehouses able to make your property truly unique. We can share together the different formula’s to access this service which will lead you to the set your objectives.

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Interior design

Without design there is no balance, there is no perception of harmony and well-being. There are rules in design which as in music must be applied, but then you must have the ability to let the mind go to the emotions, freeing it from everything else and this is not studied from books but it’s a special gift that Emanuela Miani has naturally and her houses prove it!

Our designers under the guidance of Emanuela will be happy to listen and propose projects aiming at attention to detail and style while respecting refinement and originality.

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Property management

We manage properties paying attention to the needs of the individual client by offering a complete and high-level service with a “Boutique property” formula.

We ensure consistent assistance 24 hours a day, 12 months a year.

Our group is organized to offer personal chefs, cleaning service, transport service, organising special events, gardeners, plant maintenance, check-in and check-out and we are always available to welcome new suggestions and proposals in order to improve our service .

If you have a property you wish to rent please contact us!

Turnkey Projects

I nostri architetti e ingegneri qualificati svilupperanno il progetto del committente seguendone tutti i processi, utilizzando programmi di ultima generazione.

Ufficio legale Miani Group

Il nostro ufficio legale potrĂ  supportare I nostri clienti per tutti gli aspetti legali nelle varie fasi di acquisto/vendita o affitto.

L'esperto risponde

Ogni mese un breve webinar dove a turno figure rappresentative nel settore immobiliare daranno suggerimenti su argomenti di riferimento.

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