Who we are

Emanuela Miani

Emanuela Miani is a designer who has been working for many years in the design of exclusive residences all over the world.

Known internationally for her eclectic ability to distinguish and study with almost maniacal care of every single project, expert in the doctrine of Feng Shui, Emanuela loves to combine and mix in balance and harmony the materials selected for her masterpieces, interpreting with knowledge the client’s needs, and offering a “sartorial” realization of the overall project.

In order to provide a complete service to her clients, Emanuela founded Miani Group s.r.l. in 2019. The Miani Group now boasts experts in the field of the construction industry who will assist the client through all the phases of the ongoing project.

Guglielmo Miani

He is the real estate agent for Miani RE.

He has taken the qualifying exam at the Milan Chamber of Commerce.

Guglielmo is a member of FIAIP and makes his work a way of life where ethics, integrity and honesty are the cornerstones.

He cherishes following his clients by establishing a relationship of trust and knowledge in order to represent them at their best.

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